TSC Paylip service and TPAD Appraisal System 2020

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Techers service commission (TSC) main mandate is to employ and pay teachers, promote them according to their performance, discipline and register qualified  teachers . The TSC online service portal allows teachers to access their payslips, fill their TPAD forms, as well as fill in their wealth declaration forms and so much more.

TSC payslip service online registration and download 2020

TSC payslip service allows teachers to access there payslips conviniently without necessarily visiting any office. But before that ,you need to Register for the TSC Payslip service by visiting your nearest TSC county office. Carry your original National ID Card for identification purposes.Incase you need assistance please send them an email on payslips@tsc.go.ke or call 0202892158/0202892058/0202892056/0202892155.Once your registered you can login to T-pay using your TSC number and password and access your payslips. Remember you can now access T-Pay from your Mobile Phone!

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TSC TPAD Appraisal System

TPAD (Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development) is an appraisal system for teachers that facilitates open promotion of best performing teachers accross the country.The TPAD appraisal system main fuction is to monitor the performance of primary and secondary school teachers.

How to Fill TSC TPAD Online Appraisal Form

Teachers appraisal is done online by primary and secondary headteachers who are required to fill the TSC TPAD Form of every teacher in their school each term. So how do you do that?

If you are a head teacher visit TSC online portal.Choose Teacher Appraisal under Online Services.On the next screen login with your TSC number as the username and password. This applies for new users. Next you need to manage your account by entering your current password (TSC number) and a new password of your own choice. The new password is the one you want to change to. After you have created a new password now login using your TSC number as username and your new password as password.To complete the registration of the TSC TPAD online Appraisal, you need to enter the following details your first name, last name, national ID number, TSC number, email address, phone number, and gender.

You shall then be directed to the TPAD home screen.On the TPAD homepage, click on Data > Institutions  > My Institution.You will see a list of teachers appraisal forms displayed.Incase you haven’t filled any appraisal forms before the page will be empty. Click create new to fill new appraisal form for a particular teacher in your school.

Then Enter details such as the year of appraisal, term, TSC number, and appraisers tittle in the form.Then click create > Action .A drop down menu will appear with several options such as lesson attendance, teaching standards mass, teaching standards, professional development, learners’ progress, and appraisal remarks. Fill each of the appraisal forms and save data in each section that you have keyed in information.

Please note that if you do not save your work you will be forced to redo your work.Once your done filling all the sections of a particular teacher, repeat the same process for other teachers.

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