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Robert Burale : From a strip club addict to a preacher

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Robert burale is one of the most controversial pastors in kenya. He was born at mater hospital, Nairobi. Robert burale is a boy from Busia, went to musa gitáu primary school in kiküyu and later joined Bungoma high school. Burale later went for further studies in the UK.

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Speaking to jalas on jalang‘o tv, Robert burale narrates how he was a strip club addict back in the day when he was not born again.

He goes on to say that if you are looking for perfect pastor look for  somebody else.

“I run away from perfection,”

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Burale says he could even borrow money to visit strip clubs. Though he attended strip clubs, he says he has never touched or drunk alcohol in his entire life. Do you agree that you can just go to a club  and just have a soda? It sounds crazy but thats what Burale did. 

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” I had addiction to strip clubs then I started dungling in sexual intrercourse .I have never drunk alcohol in my life.  The hardest thing I have drunk in a strip club is stoney tángawizi.”

Robert burale goes on to narrate how he has done so many mistakes in the past but  one thing is that he learnt his lessons well.

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“I sit here, I talk about marriages but mine failed”

“Why do you talk about marriages and your’s failed? ” Jalas asked.

“Because I conqured something. I would sit with men and tell them the mistakes I did. I tell a man ,if you want your marriage to stand, be práyerfull, be friends with your wife ,you know all those things, “Burale said.

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