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Is Dr Ofweneke a Kenyan or Nigerian? We also take a look at his age, tribe and wife

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Comedian Dr Ofweneke, aka Sande Bush (real name) is one of the most established and decorated comedian of his time. His Nigerian accent will make you believe he is from Nigeria but no.

Dr Ofweneke is proudly kenyan. Infant he is a mixture of both luhya and Luo.

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I Know this can be alot for you to process but it’s totally true.

His father, David Sande Oyolo , and his mother, the late Jennifer Atieno ,are from western part of kenya.

Dr Ofweneke was born in 17th January 1991 at the popular Pumwani Hospital in Nairobi. After just a week her mother abandoned him as they were not In good terms with his father.

Its until Dr ofweneke was in form three when he reconciled with his mother. She later passed on three years later after meeting her.

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Dr ofweneke‘s wife

Dr Ofweneke recently married Christine and they are already blessed with a daughter together. He divorced his ex-wife  Veronica Wanja aka Nika the queen,  following domestic violence allegations by her. Which Dr ofweneke went on to confirm as not true. They had two kids together.

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