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How Guardian angel met his 50 year old girlfriend Esther Musila

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Guardian Angel real name Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka is an award winning gospel artist in kenya. Guardian Angel who is 31 years old is currently dating Esther Musila who is a 50 year old mum and this has caused alot of mixed reaction online.

While some fans are congratulating them some are busy condemning the relationship.

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Esther Musila is a mother of three children aged 22 ,26 and 29.

Some of guardian angels fans think age is just a number and that they should stick together while others think he should date someone his own age.

Its a free world and you can do anything that pleases you but the society will always be there to judge.  Especially in africa, there are things that my look normal abroad but forbidden here.

Despite there age difference its evident that the couple love each other. The two love birds even wear matching outfits together and have released a song together called  “Roho Yangu” that has done so well.

The two have been in a relationship for more than 3 years and decided to go public.

guardian angel 50 year old girlfriend

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How it all started

Guardian angel and esther musila met through maina kageni. In an interview on BongaNaJalas, Gurdian angel narated how they met. 

First Guardian said that she dates esther not because of money but because of the love for her. He also goes on to say that he had money before meeting esther.

“Please tell them that I had money before I meet Esther, Siwezi kuwa hapa sababu ya pesa”, Gurdian was quoted addressing jalas.

So if you think he is here because of money ,leave that out.

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Guardian angel goes on to say that he has never been so happy like the way he is right now.

” I have gotten money in the gigs and music, but I want to assure you one thing, I have never been happy in my life like I am today, genuinely happy”.

He continues to say that as long as him and Esther are happy, that is what matters.

While addressing those who were trolling esther  on social media he said that esther was the one who encouraged him when he was about to quit music. That’s why he respects here alot.

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Asked whether they will have kids together by the fact that esther is 50 years old and she may not be able to concieve, this was the response.

” watoto ni baráka kútoka kwa mungu na wale watoto wako kenya ni wengi ,ámbáo tunaeza külea. Silázima wawe wetu, tutalea wale wako ámbáo wamezaliwa”.

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Esther musila on the same show said she needed to defend herself from people who were judging her and even hurting her children.

This is what she had to say.

“I remember when this year started I said to myself I have been through life 50 is a big year but I purposed and said this is going to be my year, I would do what Esther wants and I will make Esther happy, my kids are grown, the last born is 22 years, they are running their lives, but am still their mother but as Esther, I have a life which I want to live. My life my rules”.

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You can go ahead and listen to the full conversation on jalang’o Tv. all in all #lovewins.

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