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Helb Compliance Certificate for Beneficiaries and Non-Beneficiaries (2020)

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Helb compliance certificate also known as a HELB clearance certificate, is one the required documents when applying for a job in kenya. The Helb compliance certificate is issued to beneficiaries who are repaying their loans and to non-beneficiaries who need HELB clearance.

Helb Clearance certificates used to be obtained at the HELB offices, but now the process has changed. All you need to do is have an account with HELB and make an application through the helb portal. If you are a non-beneficiary and never opened an account with helb, you also need to create an account to access helb services.

Its important to know that the helb compliance certificate application service fee is ksh 1,000 both for beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries. You will therefore be required to recharge your Mpesa account with atleast a thousand shilling to ease the process.

Lets dive in and look on how to apply for a helb compliance certificate online through the helb portal.

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Helb compliance certificate application process step by step

Step 1: Create an account to access helb services.

Step 2: Login to your account using the email and password you registered with earlier.

Step 3:Once your logged in, on the menu above, click on online services. A drop down menu will appear, click on the Compliance Certificate link.

 helb compliance certificate

step 4: Now You are required to pay Kshs 1,000 to facilitate processing of your compliance certificate as I indicated earlier.

Step 5: There are two ways for paying for this service.Through Mpesa and kcb. But for this article we are going to use Mpesa as our payment method since its fast and easier.

Step 6: Load your MPESA account with the required amount. Enter the phone number you are using to pay for the service in the text field below.The phone number should be in the format 07xxxxxxxx. Click the initiate payment button to begin the process.

step 7: you will then get a notification on your phone prompting you to authorize the payment of Ksh.1,000 to a HELB account. Enter your Mpesa pin to complete the transaction.

step 8: Once you receive an Mpesa confirmation message, click the confirm payment button.

Step 9: If your mpesa payment was received successfully, now you will see a link to download your helb compliance certificate. Once you have downloaded the certificate, print it.

As you can see the process of applying for a helb compliance or clearance certificate is relatively easy. Until next time.

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