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Excel sheet and P9 form: How to file income Tax returns on KRA iTax portal [2020]

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In this article am going to show you how to file income tax returns on KRA iTax portal using excel sheet and the P9 form step by step. Offcourse, you are aware that the deadline for filing returns is 30th june and failure to comply will accrue a penalty of 2,000 ksh. I therefore encourage my readers to file their returns early to avoid unnecessary last minute drama.

Where do I get and download the KRA P9 form 2020?

The KRA P9 form is a document that contains a summary of how much an employee is being paid and a what amount is being deducted by the employer. Whatever sector your working whether it’s banking, teaching or you are a civil servant, your employer is required to provide you with a P9 form which will assist you during filing of tax returns.

A P9 form document may include the following: basic salary ,gross salary,PAYE deducted,allowances and benefits , pension contribution and personal relief .

For instance teachers can get the TSC P9 form online by visiting TSC payslip online portal. Simply visit T-pay then login using your TSC Number and Password. Click on P9(s) to access your P9 form. Finally print/download your P9 form. It‘s really hard to file returns without the p9 form.

How to file income tax returns using excel sheet and P9 form step by step.

Step 1: Log in to the KRA iTax portal using your KRA pin and Password.

Step 2: Once you have logged in successfully, click on returns. A drop down menu will appear then click file return.

Step 3: Under Tax obligation, select Income Tax – Resident Individual. The rest of the fields are filled for you. After your done click next.

Step 4: Download the Income Tax – Resident Individual form(Excel)

Step 5: Unzip and open the IT1_Individual_Resident_Return_XLS (Excel sheet)

Step 6: Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel.

Step 7: Fill the required details (employment income,allowances etc as per your P9 form). Under basic info, fill the form appropriately then Click the Next button.

Step 8: Section F: Details of employment income. Fill in the name and pin of employer, gross pay, allowances and benefits from employment, net value and pension.

Step 9: Section M : Details of PAYE deducted at source from salary. Fill in the details as per your P9 form.

Step 10: Section Q: Details of income Tax paid in advance. Fill this section if their is any income you got in advance.

Step 11 : section T : Tax Computation. Enter your pension and personal relief contribution amount. Then click the validate button.

Step 12:After your done, Upload the Excel(sheet) return form.

Step 13: Once you have uploaded the excel sheet ,Click on the submit button to file returns.

Step 14: Finally, Download the returns receipt.

As you can see the process of filing income tax returns using excel sheet and P9 form is easy. I hope you have successfully filed your returns. If you have any questions leave them on the comment section below and all try my best to assist. You can also check out our article on how to file nil returns.

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