Covid-19 coronavirus: Top Ten most affected countries


Covid-19 coronavirus has so far claimed the lives of more than 4000 people, with china reporting the highest number of deaths standing at 3169.

The world health organisation has declared covid-19 corona virus as a global pandemic. More than a 100 countries have reported cases of coronavirus, and several other countries are reporting new cases.

Further more, the number of cases daily reported outside china is much higher than those reported in china signifying possible global spread of the epidemic in the coming days. lists top ten most affected countries by covid-19 coronavirus.


China is the most affected country in the world with more than 3,000 deaths.


Italy is the most affected in Europe having reported more than 1,266 deaths as of 11 march 2020.


Iran is the most affected country in middle east having recorded more than 11,000 cases and confirmed 500 deaths.

South korea.

Coronavirus Cases in south korea have reached more than 8000 people.Deaths recorded due to coronavirus has reached 67.


Spain is the second most affected country in europe with more than 4209 reported cases and 120 confirmed deaths.It has been reported that a minister in spain has contracted corona virus.


German has recorded 9 coronavirus deaths as of 13th march. Confirmed coronavirus positive cases stand at 3062.This has caused German authorities to ban public events involving huge crowds.


Corona virus cases in france has reached 2876 and deaths more than 60 people .The French government has banned public gathering involving more than 1000 people.


Coronavirus situation in the US has confirmed 2000 cases  of people tested positive as of march 13 th and deaths are more than 40 people.


Some of the major cities in switzerland have reported cases of corona virus so far seven deaths have been reported in switzerland.


Japan is one the countries that reported first cases of coronavirus. Japan has witnessed 19 deaths at the moment.

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